Flower Mound Council Takes up High Density Development

The Flower Mound Town Council considered the highly discussed Highland Court development proposal Monday night.

Direct Development has proposed a housing complex for the land including about 97 homes over 30 acres; many on 6,500 square foot, high-density lots.

Originally the developer came forward with a plan that would include office space and apartments, but that got a rocky reception from neighbors along Rippy Road.

Most of the development in that area currently sits on very large lots that neighbors describe as a country feel, and several said that's what they were to understand was in the master plan for future development.

For months now the residents and developer have been in discussions over the issue and after the original plan failed to pass the Planning and Zoning Board, new options were created.

Direct Development's new proposals include the 97 lot setup; one with a park to save trees and green space, and a round-about to prevent a road from being developed further into the neighborhood. A spokesperson for the developer said the new plan has been well received and they feel it's a good option for all sides.

Several neighbors still held out as of Monday though, saying they'd like to see at least an average of 10,000 square foot lots in the plan so that it will serve as more of a continuation to the current neighborhood setup there.

On Monday, he Town Council sent the Rippy Road development back to Planning and Zoning for consideration.

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