5 Steps to Take Before Joining a Gym

Every year, we hear from consumers who are left with what we call "fitness remorse." They signed up for a membership, thought they'd have an easy way out but later find out they're hook for the rest of the year.

Rule #1: Read your contract

Don't solely rely on what the salesperson is telling you.

Everything you're promised needs to be in writing. And, if it's not, challenge them. Make them put all of those good deals on your contract in writing.

Rule #2: Visit the gym

Go on a tour and look around to see how clean it is.

Go at the actual time you plan on working out. This will allow you to see if  going to be too crowded. You may even want to ask a customer what the wait time is like to use a certain machine.

Rule #3: Ask if you're able to freeze your membership

This perk will protect you if you get injured or need to take an extended vacation. In many cases, you won't be charged full price during that period.

Not all gyms and fitness groups offer this but you should still ask for comparison sake.

Rule #4: Find out if you can break up with the gym

Check to see if there's a cancellation period. That way, if you realize you're way in over your head, you can cancel your membership with no penalty.

Also, if you sign up for a free trial, check to see if you're automatically enrolled once that trial is over.

Rule #5: Take advantage of freebies

Go after them!

Now is the time where gyms and fitness instructors are laying out the red carpet.

Test the waters, save money, and if you have any problems with your contract, click here to submit a complaint.

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