Texas Rangers

First Retractable Roof Truss Complete at Globe Life Field

The Texas Rangers say construction at their new home, Globe Life Field, is 68% complete with the installation of the first retractable roof truss.

The final section of the first truss was installed Monday. Next Sunday, the 3.3 million-pound truss will be moved west down the rail. The installation of a second truss is expected to begin next week.

The roof construction, which began last fall, is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Beyond the retractable roof, additional roof work continues on the stadium's east side where decking will be installed next week.

Inside the stadium, drywall is 70% complete, carpentry work has begun in the exterior suite areas and tile is being installed in the restrooms on all levels.

Construction on the southwest entry, one of five main gates, has begun. Hand-laid brick for a "notable arch" is ongoing and limestone and granite installation continues on the southeast and northeast entries.

To date, construction crews have put in more than 3 million hours of work -- approximately 1,300 workers are on-site daily.

The stadium is on schedule to open in March 2020.

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