Fire Truck Catches Fire Outside Fire Station

Investigators rule out foul play

The Haltom City Fire Department is busy trying to figure out how one of its own fire trucks caught fire.

It happened yesterday outside Fire Station 3 that doubles as the city’s water tower.

Firefighters from all three of Haltom City’s stations were inside undergoing training when they were interrupted.

"And a passerby came by and said there is a fire inside the fire truck and came outside and sure enough they saw smoke coming out of the truck," said Fred Napp who is Haltom City’s Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Chief.

The fire was contained to the cab, but did extensive damage leaving it charred. While the department tried to figure out how the fire started, investigators have ruled out foul play.

It’s a big loss because the truck is an important piece of equipment due to its versatility.

"Our truck has both a pump, a water tank and a ladder on it so can do functions of all three," said Napp.

That's why the fire truck is sent on every building fire.

The 11 to 12 year truck could have lasted anywhere between 15 to 20 years.

It cost half a million dollars when bought in 2000.

Right now the department doesn't know if it's cheaper to fix it or buy a new one.

"And we're going to have to look at the cost benefits of dumping a bunch of money into the truck to repair it or what our other options are," said Napp.

For the time being Haltom City will rely on ladder trucks from surrounding cities.

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