Fire at Boat, RV Storage Facility in The Colony

Investigators are searching for the cause of a large fire with multiple explosions at a boat and RV storage facility along Lake Lewisville.

“The explosions woke me up from what I guess was the propane tanks,” said Scott Davis, who was camping 200 yards away from the storage facility at Hidden Cove Park and Marina.

“It seemed like there was a lot of bullets flying around from the fire that must have been in one of the RV’s or something,” said Davis, who had stored his own boat at the facility. “I think mine's okay, it’s far enough away.”

The fire erupted at 3:45 a.m., and The Colony firefighters contained the flames to just one wing of the storage facility, burning about 20 boats and RVs.

Boat and RV owners visited the facility throughout the day Friday to check on the damage.

“We were going to get it out this weekend and start getting it ready for the summer, so we’re going to regroup now,” said Jack Gober of Frisco, whose two engine speed boat was among those destroyed.

10 years ago, he and his wife Marla had their first date on the boat.

“We had plenty of plans you know for the summer, and getting it out again, and we’re going to miss it,” said Marla Gober.

Ken Wilson and his fiancé Angie Procopio were keeping their new motor home at the storage facility.

“It really feels awful, it took me a good year, year and a half to save up for the down payment,” said Wilson.

Their RV was parked away from the flames, but could possibly have smoke damage.

“We had a Pensacola trip in July that we were going to take with our family, and our friends, so hopefully we can still do that, we just put the deposit down on it,” said Procopio.

For at least some, the boating season may be over before it even started.

“Summer plans are just up in the air, we’ll see how it all works out,” said Eric Bordner, who keep his family’s deck boat at the storage facility.

No one was hurt on the fire, and the investigation continues into the cause.

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