Farmers Branch Considering Backyard Chicken Coops

Chickens may soon come home to roost in Farmers Branch.

The city is considering adding an ordinance to allow backyard coops.

Saturday, a couple dozen homeowners and city council members toured three coops already in use in Dallas, where owning backyard chickens is legal.

The group viewed coops at two homes and one at Moss Haven Elementary School.

They wanted to see some of Dallas’ best practices.

"It's something I'm excited about but in order to convince some other people in our city that might not be for this we want to gather as much information that says we're doing this responsibly," said Farmers Branch Mayor Robert Dye.

Some of the homeowners say they've been pushing for backyard chickens for more than a year.

“This is a huge step forward, this tour is what we’re hoping will be the final step towards our council feeling like they have the information they need in order to make a decision,” said Sally Derrick, a longtime homeowner in Farmers Branch.

The city council in Farmers Branch could take up the issue again next month.

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