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Family Sues Oncor Over Brothers' Electrocution

The family of two brothers electrocuted by a downed power line is suing Oncor.

Twelve-year-old Alex Lopez died when he made contact with the line at Oakland Lake Park in Fort Worth.

His brother, 11-year-old Isaiah Lopez died trying to help him.

The lawsuit says it is about “accountability and responsibility.”

It says Oncor uses “real time, automated, and interactive smart technologies” that are supposed to notify Oncor if there's a problem with the electric grid.

It says they should have known the line was down before the Lopez brothers stumbled upon it March 29, the night they died.

Alex and Isaiah were exploring the park after school with friends.

It was a day after strong storms blew through the area.

When Alex was electrocuted, the lawsuit says Isaiah told friends to go get help while he saved Alex.

Isaiah died when he reached down and grabbed his older brother.

The lawsuit says Oncor's failure to respond to the downed line "resulted in the needless deaths of two inseparable brothers."

The boys lived with their grandparents not far from the park.

Their grandfather Jose Lopez told NBC 5 the pain has been unbearable.

"Every single day that I get up in the morning and I don’t see them there in that room I got to say to myself, ‘hey man, they're not here no more’,” said Lopez through tears.

The lawsuit accuses Oncor of negligence.

It doesn't say exactly how much money the family is seeking just that it shouldn't exceed $40 million.

In a statement, an Oncor spokesperson wrote: “I would again like to express my condolences for the Lopez family for their loss. While Oncor is aware of the lawsuit, we have not yet been served. Oncor does not comment on pending or ongoing litigation.”

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