Family Questions Autopsy of Man Who Died 2 Months After He Was Shot With a Stun Gun

Medical examiner says man died of toxic effects of cocaine and meth; family wants a deeper investigation

Rashad Madden, left, and Shabreeka Kennedy, right.
NBC 5 News

The family of a man who died two months after Dallas police shot him with a stun gun is questioning how medical examiners say he died.

A Dallas police officer used a stun gun to try to subdue Rashad Madden on May 28, 2019, after police said he pulled out a gun, crawled under a car and refused to drop the weapon and surrender.

Police originally said the stun gun had no effect on the man and that an officer then fired at the man one time with a gun but missed.

Madden was eventually taken into custody and transferred to a hospital where he went into a coma. Two months later Madden died and the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office said his death was caused by the toxic effects of cocaine and meth.

The family believes, however, that there is more to the story and that the stun gun could have contributed to his death.

"What we have seen by viewing him in the hospital before his passing is that he suffered brutal, fatal injuries that do not reflect an overdose," said Justin Moore, attorney representing the family.

Shabreeka Kennedy
NBC 5 News
Shabreeka Kennedy says the family of Rashad Madden wants a deeper investigation into his death.

The family believes, according to a report in December 2019 from our partners at The Dallas Morning News, that Madden may have been struck by the stun gun multiple times.

The Dallas Morning News reported the family said they were told by the Dallas County district attorney’s office that the medical examiner overseeing the case was on administrative leave because of an investigation into their conduct.

Shabreeka Kennedy, who had a child with Madden, said at a news conference Tuesday that the family wanted to see police recordings from the night of the incident, for those recordings to be made public and for a detailed review of the medical examiner's case to be performed.

Both the Dallas Police Department and Dallas County District Attorney's Office told NBC 5 they are not issuing a public comment since the case is under review.

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