Families Soak up Sun and Record High Heat on Last Day of Mayfest

Big crowds came out to celebrate Mayfest's return to Trinity Park in Fort Worth after a two-year hiatus.

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As temperatures inched towards the triple digits, families flocked to fill up water bottles at stations throughout Mayfest on Mother’s Day.

“It’s good because we don’t have to pay for the water, which could be expensive nowadays, and with my dog Cooper, I have to have some water,” said Crystal Solis who attended Mayfest.

Public announcements reminded people to hydrate and where to go.

“It’s a good idea to wear loose clothing, wear comfortable shoes, and bring your refillable bottles of water. We have two hydration stations here,” said Elizabeth Basham, Trinity Collaborative’s Executive Director.

This year, there was a cooling station and nurses and MedStar staff ready to respond to heat-related and other medical issues.

There was no shortage of shade to seek relief from the sun.

“Even though it’s hot, it is breezy, and that kind of helps. But it’s our first time at Mayfest. So far so good,” said Solis.

MedStar said it’s treated five people for heat-related illnesses in the past two days.

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