Families Say COVID-19 Deaths Are More Than Just a Number

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Janice Young was a lady who was always smiling.

“She loved everybody and everybody loved her,” her daughter Rhonda Wade said. “She made everybody feel special.”

Wade said they always spent time together.

Janice Young, who died in March of COVID-19.

“She was more than a mom to me, she was my best friend,” Wade said.

Wade's mother and best friend died from COVID-19 in March, early in the pandemic.

“Her last actual words were that they were about to intubate her and that she did not want to die,” Wade said.

Vince Sims
Janice Young and her daughter Rhonda Wade. Young died in March of COVID-19.

Then there are others like Thelma Weatherd.

“She was a sweet lady,” her granddaughter April Woods said. “Loveable lady.”

Woods said her grandmother was always willing to help out anyone in need.

“She basically went to church and was well known in Fort Worth because she served as the first lady before her husband passed years ago,” Woods said.

Vince Sims
Thelma Weatherd died from COVID-19 in July.

She, too, died from COVID-19 in July. For both families, COVID-19 deaths are more than just a number.

“It’s like an empty spot in my heart like cause my granny is not here anymore so it’s not just numbers,” Woods said. “It’s not just numbers, it’s people’s loved ones and it’s serious.”

“It is real,” Wade said. “It is affecting people and people’s lives are being lost because of it.”

Thelma Weatherd, who died from COVID-19 in July.

There is nothing these families can do to bring their loved ones back, so they are trying to warn others to heed precautions so their loved ones don't become another statistic.

“If there is anything we can do, just do everything you can do so you don’t have to feel like you caused somebody else to lose their life,” Wade said.

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