North Texas Families Push Through Pandemic Challenges to Make Adoptions a Reality

COVID-19 has complicated the adoption process, so families and organizations have had to adjust

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From virtual visits to canceled court hearings, the coronavirus pandemic has brought new challenges to people wanting to adopt — but families say it's all worth it.

On Saturday, Karina Beck took her first official family portrait with her adoptive daughter outside the Wright Law Firm in Lewisville.

“We’re so excited," Beck said. "We’ve been through this process for almost two years now, and we’re ready to officially make her ours,” Beck said. 

Because of the pandemic, there was no courthouse celebration of the formal adoptions for several families, so the firm took the party outside.

Cynthia Palmer, a family law attorney with the firm and chair of Denton County's National Adoption Day, said some of the children have been in Child Protective Services custody for more than a year.

"Having their forever families and getting to celebrate that with them and their families is just amazing,” she said.

Steve and Kari Bagby know the adoption process can be complicated, especially with the added COVID-19 precautions and challenges

The Grand Prairie couple had three biological children and have adopted three more — Josiah from Ethiopia, Melody from Florida and Ahana who Kari delivered after an embryo adoption.

The Bagby’s adopted before the pandemic, but they’re encouraging families going through the process now to persevere

“It’s worth it. It’s such a miracle. It’s such a journey of joy," Kari Bagby said. "Life has trials, and this is one of the trials we’re all facing right now. I’d encourage you to not give up, and just not keep pressing forward."

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