Facebook Picture Sparked Deadly Good Samaritan Shooting

Quinisha Johnson, the wife of accused gunman Ricci Bradden, said a picture she posted on Facebook led to the deadly chain of events which took place outside a Walgreens in Arlington.

"When I tried to go back into the store, I heard him take the gun out. I screamed, 'No!' When I went out there, I didn't think he had a gun," Johnson said. "I didn't think the man who told me he loved me, would shoot me. I didn't think that would happen."

Bradden, a U.S. Army soldier at Fort Hood, was upset and drove to Arlington to talk, Johnson said.

"He said, 'You like attention. Attention from your husband just is not enough,'" Johnson said. "You know when somebody is upset, you can hear it in their voice, even if they're talking calm. I didn't think anything was happening. When he pulled the gun out, he didn't scream. He wasn't yelling or anything. He just shot."

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, the two got into an argument and Bradden shot his wife in the ankle.

Anthony Antell Jr., 35, saw the confrontation in the parking lot as his wife sat in their car. Police said Antell, a Marine, got out his gun and tried to stop Bradden from leaving, acting as a good Samaritan.

"He's a true hero. He didn't deserve to lose his life over something so stupid. He didn't deserve this. Justice needs to be served for this," Johnson said. "I just want to say I am very appreciative for what he did. He was heroic at that moment and I truly apologize to his family for putting him in this situation. I didn't mean for this to happen. If they blame me, I understand because they may need somebody to blame. I'm sorry. I just hope they forgive me."

Bradden surrendered at a Texas Department of Public Safety office in Hillsboro while on his way back to Fort Hood. According to the affidavit, Bradden's commanding officers urged him to surrender to civilian authorities Monday.

Bradden was brought back to Arlington Tuesday afternoon and is currently in the Arlington City Jail with a bond set at $500,000.

Antell's funeral is scheduled for Friday afternoon at Saint John the Apostle United Methodist Church in Arlington.

In a statement to NBC 5, the Antell family said: "We would like to thank all of our family, friends near and far, and especially our Crossfit family for the overwhelming support and prayers. We would also like to thank our community as well as surrounding communities for your support. Words cannot express our gratitude."

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