Experts Help Parents Find Nannies for Summer

Many parents turn to summer nannies to help care for and keep kids entertained and learning while they are not in school.

Benefits of having a summer nanny include:

  • Flexibility - You can determine both the nanny's schedule and your own.
  • Entertainment - A nanny, especially with one who can drive, can fill kids' days with trips to the pool, park or museum.
  • Housekeeping Help - Some nannies will do household chores in addition to caring for your children.

But how do you know if hiring a summer nanny is the right move for your family? And how do you pick the right nanny?

Experts offer a checklist from the experts to help you make the best decisions for your kids:

  • Plan Ahead - Give yourself plenty of time to sort through candidates.
  • Determine your needs - Think about how many hours you'll need the nanny to work, whether you need someone who can drive and how much medical training will be needed.
  • Be the boss - Create a job description and lay out expectations about duties, vacations and sick days.
  • Get a second opinion - Use background checks and ask your children what they think of the candidates.

College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors' Casandra Pierei added more and answered questions live on Facebook.

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