Euless Family Moves Into Rebuilt Home

A Euless family took the first steps in their new house after strangers rebuilt the home that was destroyed by a fire during December's ice storm.

Piti Alaiasa and her family were overcome with emotion, after a stranger came in and changed their lives.

Alaiasa and her family lost everything when an electrical line fell on the home on Aransas Drive and sparked a fire during the frigid ice storm on Dec. 12.

Sixteen people lived in the home, but only Alaissa, her husband and parents were home at the time of the blaze.

Around Euless, the home is known as Grandma’s house, where anyone is welcome.

Aaron Strauser, who works in fire restoration, happened to watch the family's story on NBC 5 about the fire that destroyed the house, and wanted to help them.

“I could tell in the interview that you did with them they were givers, and I wanted to give them something so we did,” said Strauser.

Strauser organized a team of contractors to help rebuild the home.

“They needed help and I had the access to do,” said Aaron Strauser.

He got in touch with the contractor, and many donated services. The team has been working to rebuild the home for past few months.

But what the family didn't know was that Strauser and many others stepped up to furnish it too.

“I am blessed," said Alaiasa. "We never had things like this. It is crazy.” 

“I helped a family that helped others, and it is gratifying to do it.” Strauser said.

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