Elementary School Students in Prosper Create Newspaper On Their Own

Teachers strive to get students who hone in, stay focused, and love to learn.

"I can't even take credit for this, this is all them," said Teacher April Reed. "They never brought it up to me, they never mentioned it to me. One Friday I come in and there's paper on everyone's desk that I did not put there.  I pick it up and it's a class newspaper."

Reed teaches 4th grade at Spradley Elementary where students got the idea to start a newspaper from a book they read in class.

"One of the characters in the book is a 4th grade girl and there's a Valentine's investigation going on of who's leaving these candied hearts everywhere and she starts writing a newspaper," she said.

On their own, at recess, the students got the idea to do one too.

"We're learning how to work together and how to actually do things if we ever want do the newspaper sometimes," said student Courtney Sloan, eluding to a possible career as a journalist.

Sloan says their paper has weather, jokes, comics, and news stories.

"We teach people about other people’s cultures and everything," said Sloan.

Reed knew she had something good on her hands and started incorporating the paper into her regular lessons. Grammar, history, it's all intertwined.

"This week we're learning about heroes, this week they're doing their comic on Neil Armstrong he was a hero we studied," said Reed.

More than 15 editions are completed. Other schools subscribe to the paper and a school in Corpus Christi even contributes articles.

"It's crazy how it got way bigger than we actually intended it to be," said Sloan.

They're holding on to all the printed copied to have as memories of what they learned this year and how they did it all on their own.

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