Differing Reaction on Talk Radio to Guyger Murder Conviction

Strong emotion among callers to talk radio after Guyger murder conviction.

The Tuesday murder conviction of fired Dallas police officer Amber Guyger for the 2018 death of Botham Jean in his own apartment did not quell the public debate in North Texas about whether it was murder.

Strong emotions flowed in from callers to radio talk shows Tuesday.

Callers at AM 820 WBAP were bitter about the murder conviction.

"I knew this was coming. When I saw the judge I knew it was coming," said one woman who called Rick Roberts' show on WBAP.

"I don't even know if I want to live here anymore after this," one man told the host.

Roberts said expert guests on his program during the trial said it was not murder.

"A man shouldn't die from watching TV in his own apartment. But did Amber Guyger intend to go and kill him? I don't think so," Roberts said.

There was an opposite reaction to the murder conviction among callers to KHVN Heaven 97.

"They're saying that justice may have finally been done in Dallas, Texas," host Robert Ashley said.

Many callers to the gospel radio station's midday talk show called the jury verdict a blessing.

"I'm entirely elated and excited because of what happened," one man said.

Ashley asked callers what they thought Guyger's sentence should be in the next phase of the trial, with the range between 5 and 99 years.

"She needs to spend some time, and a long time," one woman said.

At WBAP, several callers said the case would not be over, regardless of the jury's sentence for Guyger.

"I think it's going to be overturned and she's going to be vindicated eventually," one WBAP caller said.

At both radio stations, callers and the hosts mentioned concerns about community unrest had the sentence been different.

Dallas police had prepared for the possibility, but the city was quiet through Tuesday afternoon.

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