Fort Worth

Driver's Erratic Driving While on Ambien Caught on Video

A Lake Worth man was sentenced Friday for the June 2017 incident

A Lake Worth man who crashed his car into several vehicles while under the influence of Ambien was sentenced to two years probation Friday, the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office says.

Brian J. Moore, 60, was found guilty of driving while intoxicated after authorities found high levels of Ambien in his system in the June 2017 incident, the DA's office said.

The wild ride was captured on video by another driver.

In the video, Moore's car crosses over a median at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Crowley Road in Fort Worth and crashes into several other vehicles. Moore then continued to drive erratically until he crashed his car into a stopped vehicle at a stoplight nearby, the video shows.

The DA's office said Moore damaged eight other vehicles and no serious injuries were reported.

Police said Moore told them he was on the way to pharmacy when he "got sidetracked," according to the DA's office.

"Taking prescription medications is not a free pass to driving while intoxicated," prosecutor Lloyd Whelchel said. "There is a reason why you are cautioned about driving when taking medications. If you choose to drive while intoxicated, even on prescribed medication, we will prosecute you. You are still under the influence of a drug and a danger to others on the road."

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