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Problem Solved: NTX Driver Finally Reimbursed for Road Debris Damage

Road debris damage is enough to make any driver cringe, and it happens a lot in North Texas.

Lee Wade said he was driving westbound on Texas 121 when he saw rocks and cardboard fly off a waste truck. He tried to swerve and dodge the debris, but it was too late. It cracked his windshield.

Wade decided to follow the waste truck until the driver eventually pulled over.  He was told to call management to report the incident.

Wade said a manager told him he would "take care of it." But weeks turned into months, and his windshield was still cracked.

That's when he called NBC 5 Responds.

We sent pictures of the damage to the waste management company. A couple of weeks later, Wade received a check for nearly $400, and he finally got that windshield fixed.

We tried calling and emailing the company for a response, but we're still waiting.

Here are Samantha Chatman's Solutions before you hit the road:

• Consider buying scratch and dent protection from your dealership. Many places offer it in North Texas.
• Don't tailgate. Leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you, especially if it's hauling junk or debris. This will also help you see potential objects in the road.
• Some insurance companies recommend installing a dash camera. It would help you record any flying debris and maybe capture a license plate number.
• Document, document, document. Take pictures of the damage and send it over to your insurance company.

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