Driver Raises Concerns About Lane Striping Along I-35E

Temporary white stripes difficult to discern from previous lane markings gouged from asphalt, viewer contends

Amanda Waring does not mince words when it comes to her confusion about the lane striping she encounters on her morning commute along a busy stretch of North Texas freeway.[[506754621,C]]

"It is just mayhem! It’s a free-for-all as no one can tell which lane markings they’re supposed to be following," Waring wrote to NBC DFW about the situation she sees daily along southbound Interstate 35E in Dallas, approaching the Inwood Road exit just past the interchange with Texas 183.

The confusion is about the juxtaposition of the lane stripes — both the new, temporary white lines and smaller, reflective markers meant to indicate a lane — and the still-visible black marks where the previous lines have been gouged out of the highway.

NBC 5 News
Lane markings are leading to confusion along southbound Interstate 35E in Dallas. (Published March 6, 2019)

An inquiry with the Texas Department of Transportation’s Dallas District office resulted in an explanation for the lanes, and the promise of action.

"We have two major construction projects within those limits right now that frequently require lane shifts and re-striping over the original striping," TxDOT spokesperson Donna Simmons noted. "We have inspectors that continually monitor the striping to make sure it is visible, especially after a lane shift to ensure they are clearly marked. We will send an inspector out there immediately to evaluate the situation to ensure the utmost safety to motorists."

Simmons added that drivers who see something they fear could be dangerous should not hesitate to contact the Dallas District office at 214-320-4480.

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