Dozens Downsize Texas Mum Tradition for Charity Effort

Huge homecoming mums are a Texas tradition, but not everyone believes bigger is better.

Frisco teenager Ellie Meinershagen started a new tradition at Reedy High School this year dubbed the Mum Challenge.

Meinershagen wanted students to buy simple chrysanthemums instead of the massive, more traditional mums, to raise money for a charity.

About 80 mums were sold, raising about $2,000 for the Birthday Party Project -- an Addison-based charity that hosts birthday parties for homeless children.

"It’s just been a really great and I'm so just amazed at how many people want to give back to the community and bring back the simplicity at the same time,” Meinershagen said.


The money was donated at a pep rally Thursday at Reedy High School.

"This is incredible for students at Reedy High School to share this tradition with us so that they can donate this money that will be used to provide so much joy and magic to kids all across North Texas,” Arden Ellis with the Birthday Party Project said.

Two other Frisco schools may adopt the Mum Challenge next year.

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