Don't Believe in God? You're Not Alone

New atheist billboards go up in the Bible Belt.

A group of atheists will post two billboards Monday on busy North Texas highways to reassure those who don't believe in God.
The billboards consist of a picture of puffy clouds on a blue sky with the message, "Don't believe in God? You are not alone."
Metroplex Atheists Chairman Terry McDonald said the group isn't trying to attract believers in God nor convert them to atheism.

"We're causing as less controversy as we can," he said. "We haven't attacked anyone. We're appealing to the people who are like us."

McDonald said the billboards are intended to "let those people who don't believe know that they're not alone."

"We want to let people know who don't believe in God that there's a lot of non-theist organizations that they can contact," he said.
The billboards will go up Monday on Interstate 35E near Loop 12 in northwest Dallas and on Interstate 35W near Braswell in northern Fort Worth.

The Fort Worth billboard will be located within sight of Calvary Cathedral International church. 

"They have a right to believe what they want to; this is America," said Michelle Cavero, who rejoined the church Sunday. "But why put it here and discourage others from their beliefs?"

Charlie Prior, the church's business manager, said he did not anything about the billboard but will be looking into it.

"We know that Jesus Christ came to set the sinner free and came to set the captive free, and we are so thankful for that, and we will be praying for these people," he said.

McDonald said the Web site listed on the billboard will be live prior to the billboards going up.

Similar billboards are up in Philadelphia and Denver.

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