Dog Park: Please Don't Release the (Pit Bull) Hounds

Unleashed bans pit bulls after scuffle

All dogs aren't welcome at a brand-new Dallas dog park.

Unleashed, a multimillion-dollar facility off of Interstate 30 and Ferguson, has banned pit bulls, citing liability concerns.

“We have already noticed in the four days that we've been open, when pit bulls come in, they are a little more aggressive than the other dogs,” Unleashed co-owner Cody Acree said.

The owners decided to ban the breed from the park's play areas after a scuffle between two pit bulls inside the new 50,000-square foot facility on Saturday.

"We'd rather people feel that they can come in and be safe and have fun rather than worry that there is a pit bull in the corner," Acree said. 

Niels Visser, an owner of two pit bulls who has been looking forward to the park's opening, said the ban ridiculous.

"I think it is the dumbest thing I have ever heard," he said. "It is all about how you raise them."

The owners of Unleashed said they are telling pit bull owners at the door that they must leave because of liability concerns. There is also information about the ban on the dog park’s Web site

But Visser said he still plans to try and take his pit bulls to the indoor dog park.

"I am still going to go by there and see what happens," he said.

Unleashed's grand opening is March 28.

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