Documents Released in Alicia Moore Investigation

An affidavit released Tuesday provides new details into the death of Greenville teen Alicia Moore.

The document casts new light on the 16-year-old Greenville teen’s murder. Moore's body was found along a road in rural Van Zandt County in Nov. 2012. 
Michael Vincent Moore, 57, the girl’s great uncle, was charged with capital murder for the crime last week and authorities searched his home on May 6.
The affidavit says investigators were searching for blood evidence of “bleeding injuries or other violent trauma” and “bludgeons, clubs or club-like instruments” capable of use for “bleeding injuries, blunt force trauma or other violent trauma.”
Investigators were also looking for “ties, ligatures, ropes or other cord-like instruments” capable of use to “restrain of asphyxiate…adult stimulation devices or sexual toys,” and “shavers, clippers, scissors, knives, rags, washcloths or towels capable of use for shaving and cleaning the decedent’s body postmortem.”
The affidavit makes it clear that the girl’s remains were found in a wicker basket type of trunk that had been spray painted black.
The affidavit seeks evidence indicating that the “wicker trunk was sprayed at the residence or in a vehicle” and receipts for “black paint, hasps, screws, wicker trunk.”
The document listing what items were actually found during the search has not yet been released and no official cause of death has been provided.
Michael Moore is currently being held in the Van Zandt County Jail on $10 million bond.
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