Ditch The Caffeine For A Dose Of Oxygen?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been clinically proven to help treat serious medical conditions, like carbon monoxide poisoning and severe burns, but a North Texas attorney says it's been his Holy Grail to overcoming a daily struggle that plagues just about everyone: low energy.

Dennis Fuller says he's tried everything to clear the brain fog and increase his energy.

"I tried mediation. I tried running and exercise to unbelievable degrees," said Fuller. "The stress of my job was just wearing me out."

Nothing, he claims, has come close to the changes he's experienced from weekly, hour-long sessions that he calls "dives" inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube. The air pressure is increased to three times higher than normal and the lungs gather more oxygen than would be possible outside of the chamber.

It's scientifically proven and used in hospitals to treat burns and other serious ailments, but using the therapy for uses unapproved by the FDA is not uncommon.

Dr. Alfred Johnson of Hyperbaric Centers of Texas in Richardson said hyperbaric oxygen therapy can work for many patients who suffer from a variety of ailments and conditions, like depression, allergies and low energy.

"You need oxygen and glucose for the metabolism of the cells, so when you enhance that, then you get a healing process. You feel better, think clearer and have more energy," said Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Johnson says it takes between five to 10 sessions to feel the effects of the therapy.

It's $200 an hour and not covered by insurance.

Still, for Fuller it's worth it.

According to the FDA, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally a safe procedure, but the group issued this warning in 2013 advising patients to talk with their doctors first about the benefits and risks.

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