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Disturbance at Hulen Mall Leads to Lockdown

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Fort Worth police say a large disturbance at Hulen Mall on Thursday night led to what was believed to be gunfire inside the mall.

Investigators say around 7:30 p.m., a large crowd of 50-60 juveniles were inside the food court when a fight broke out. Officers say the fight moved up to the second level near the Dillard's entrance. That's when employees at the Dillard's store attempted to close the store's doors and ask the group to leave.

Police say that upset the group of juveniles, who then pushed over a large display near the front of the store.

Investigators say the sound of that display crashing to the ground was very loud and spooked some people nearby that did not see what was happening. Officers say someone then yelled 'Gun!' which created chaos inside the mall.

"Our officers were actually on scene already working our blue Christmas detail. We had numerous officers on scene that actually made it inside the store within seconds," said Fort Worth Police PIO Buddy Calzada.

Police immediately put the mall into lockdown and started going store-to-store making sure everyone in the mall was okay and accounted for.

Once everyone was accounted for, the lockdown was lifted and people were allowed to leave.

Two juveniles are now in custody for theft. Two other juveniles are in custody for resisting officers. No word of any charges.

Hulen Mall is now closed for the night.

No one was hurt.

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