DISD Students Could Face Longer School Days

The Dallas Independent School District is considering extending the school year or school day for students at  its lowest performing schools.

Two DISD schools, Samuell High School and Spruce High School, are in danger of being shut down by the Texas Education Agency if student's TAKS test scores don't rise this April.

Superintendent Michael Hinajosa tossed ideas out to school board members at a board briefing today, including extending the school year at it's lowest performing schools at least 5 weeks, and/or extending the school day a couple of hours.

Dr. Lucy Hackemack, principal of Spruce High School, loves the idea of extending school hours, saying children simply don't have enough learning time.

"When they come to us, they come below in some skills, like math and reading. They need that extra time and the extra classes," said Hackemack.

Board members think extending the school year is a good idea for students.

"The rest of the world is doing it. The longer school days, the longer school years, the rest of the world is leading the pack. I think it's absolutely something we should consider. The question is, is the state going to support us, or are we going to have to fund it on our budget, which is already challenged," said DISD Board Member, Edwin Flores.

The district is hoping they can redirect funds within the district and is also hoping federal stimulus dollars will help fund an extended school year or extended school days.

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