Denton Grocer Protesting Tampon Tax With Sweet Treat

A new Denton County grocer hopes to sweeten the deal on a monthly necessity for women.

Blue Bag Grocery, along South Locust Street, is protesting the tax on a feminine product.

The store is celebrating a soft-opening this week, and the shelves are stocked neatly with food, wine, beer and a product that typically doesn't get this type of response from shoppers.

"I love, love this," said Jessica Crites.

"I think it's hilarious," added Deborah Hof.

Tampons come with an added bonus, detailed on a note card placed by the box reading: "The tampon tax sucks. Get a free candy bar with your purchase."

"That's awesome," said Lani Bell, with a laugh.

For store owner Jacob Moses, inspiration came from a female friend as he was brainstorming the kind of "neighborhood boutique bodega" he wanted to bring to Denton.

"It's just a symbol," he said. "I was able to build empathy with women and the unjustified sales tax that we have on tampons here in the state of Texas, so I thought this might be a sweet treat to show some love to our female patrons."

Candy bars are $1.25. The only tampon product the store offers is $2.75, plus tax.

So far, reaction has been positive.

"I think that it's great to not have to pay taxes on things that are essential for your livelihood," Crites said.

As far as the treat goes, the choice is yours, except Pocky.

According to the Texas Tribune, bills to eliminate the tampon tax in this year’s legislative session were never scheduled for hearings.

State Rep. Drew Springer, R-Gainesville, was the only Republican to author a bill and told NBC 5 he is happy the issue is being highlighted.

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