Denton Garden Feeds Community & Soul

A garden needs patience and attention.

And if you ask those who volunteer at Shiloh Field, it thrives on love.

Located off Nottingham Drive and Mingo Road in Denton, everything grown on the property is given to those in need.

"This is the largest community garden in this here United States," said Gene Gumfory. "Everything that we grow goes back to feeding the homeless."

Gumfory, a member of Denton Bible Church, started the garden eight years ago after the idea came to him through scripture.

"Jesus said 'Feed my people'," said Gumfory. "And from there the Lord spoke to me."

In the first five years, Gumfory said they were able to harvest more than 100,000 pounds of produce.

Already this year, they've harvest more than 10,500 pounds.

"I simply believe I'm doing what I was called to do," said Gumfory.

The same faith that planted those first seeds, now brings volunteers from all across the country to help harvest vegetables and clear brush.

"We're called to love everyone and part of love is service and sacrifice," said volunteer Crystal Jones from Bridge City, Texas.

"They’ve been down on some volunteers so we’re here to help them out," said volunteer Autumn Kincheloe, who drove with a group from Clovis, New Mexico.

Everything harvested is donated to Denton charities and the garden allows families to plant their own crops at no cost.

"We provide a service no one can. We're all about sharing and we care about people," said Gumfory.

The garden is in need of volunteers.

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