Denton Black Film Festival Touts Diversity, Inclusion

It's billed as the largest festival of it's kind in the state of Texas.  The fourth annual Denton Black Film Festival is underway.

The word that best describes what's happening at Denton's Campus Theater this weekend –  is diversity.

"What we're talking to filmmakers about – black, white, Asian – is make a diverse film," said Harry Eaddy, the festival's director.  "Because that's what the world is about, diversity."

Denton Black Film Festival celebrates stories from the black experience, especially films which portray positive minority characters.

"They want their grandchildren or children to see people who look like them on the screen," said Eaddy.  "So what we really preach is diversity."

The most recent list of Oscar-nominated directors has been called the most diverse ever.  That comes after years of criticism that Hollywood lacked diversity.

"Any step forward is important," said Loki Mulholland, whose film 'An Uncomfortable Truth' explores the history of institutional racism in America.  "Any step forward is the right step."

The festival seeks to boost the voices which are often unheard – promoting diversity in film making, both on screen and off.

NBC 5 is a sponsor of Denton Black Film Festival, which also features music, comedy and art. The festival runs through Sunday at several Denton locations.

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A University of North Texas student project has led to a documentary looking back at Quakertown -- a thriving black community forced to move in the early 20th Century. Freedman Town 2.0 runs through Feb. 3 at UNT on the Square in Denton.
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