DART's Five-Year Plan Looks Into How DART PD Will be Staffed in the Future

DART released a five-year strategic staffing allocation and deployment plan for DART PD to the board of directors last week.

James Spiller, Chief of Police and Emergency Management at DART, said since last November DART has been working to improve security.

He said they have improved lighting, added more cameras, and officers.

“As a result of that board meeting we brought on additional security guards, as well as hired fare enforcement officers, we changed our police officer schedule… so we do have 100 percent coverage on trains,” Spiller said.

They have also encouraged riders to use the “Say Something” app to report problems.

In the five-year plan, there are various options for how DART would cover train, rail, and fixed locations like the Central Business District and the Ledbetter Station.

Spiller said they will also look into how they cover the "deep nights".

Overall, Spiller said the plan looks to add around 171 individuals which would be a combination of police officers, fare-enforcement officers, tele communicators, technicians, and more.

Spiller said the next step will be the President and Vice President going over the options before presenting them again to the board.

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