DART Adds Trains to Relieve Crowded Rush-Hour Routes

As prices as the pump continue to climb, so do the number of passengers riding Dallas Area Rapid Transit light rail.

The agency said it has received a number of complaints from passengers that trains on routes that cater to Collin County commuters are standing-room only during rush hour.

“It is really busy,” said Amanda Vesel, who takes DART to her workplace in downtown Dallas.

Like many of her fellow commuters, she takes DART  to avoid rising prices at the gas pump.

DART said it is beefing up service between Plano and downtown Dallas next month, adding four southbound trips during the morning rush and six northbound during the afternoon.

“What you’ll see -- instead of waiting 15 minutes for a train in the morning and evening, there will be one every seven and a half minutes,” DART spokesman Mark Ball said.

The additional trains will increase DART's capacity by 28 percent.

DART's ridership increased 15 percent when gas prices peaked at $3.97 per gallon in 2008.

With gas prices now at an average $3.45 per gallon and rising, Ball said he believes DART is on the right track by adding more trains.

“We want the opportunity to serve the public, especially those that are riding the system faithfully and have let us know they want more capacity,” he said.

The Red and Orange lines will get the additional trains April 11.

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