Damage Inspectors Going Door-to-Door in Wylie

Damage inspectors are going door-to-door in Wylie, tallying up the damage from last week’s hail storm.

Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue says 80-percent of the city’s homes will need repairs.

“We have over 15,000 homes, houses in Wylie, Texas, so that means roughly 12,000 of our homes have been impacted. That's either from a broken window to a total loss,” Hogue said.

Inspectors are also assessing damage at businesses, like Shoemaker and Hardt Coffee House, which flooded because the damage to the roof was so severe.

"We thought everything was gone,” co-owner Kent Crane said.

Employees are now trying to salvage what they can. The shop will remain closed for at least a month.

“Coming in and seeing everything damaged and having to keep our doors locked, that's what's been hard for us, is having our customers come to the door and they can’t come in. We hate that. Our customers are like family to us,” Crane said.

He says his floors will need to be replaced, and his roof, ceiling and attic will need work.

Elsewhere in Wylie, there are signs of recovery.

Shingles are showing up by the truckload in neighborhoods, and roofers are getting to work.

Hogue says inspector from 14 cities have volunteered to help assess the damage – a process that should last through next week.

City leaders say countywide, uninsured damage from the April 11 storm would have to exceed about $2.7 million to qualify for state and federal assistance.

“The reality is that we don’t know that that damage, the threshold, will be high enough to do that,” Hogue said.

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