Dallas Woman Accused of Running a ‘Puppy Scheme' Inside Apartment

Consumers in North Texas said they paid a woman hundreds of dollars for a Shih-Tzu puppy.

But when it was time to take their dog home, the seller disappeared. NBC 5 Responds heard from two women who said it's not about the money, but the new addition to their family that never made it home.

On Feb. 2, Keisha McKinsey and her husband said goodbye to their dog, Lady.

"She was my baby, pretty much because we don't have any kids. So, it was pretty hard. Pretty hard," she said.

Nothing could ever replace Lady, but she and her husband decided to look for a puppy to help them heal. McKinsey went online and saw an ad on Craigslist.

"She was black and white, a little Shih-Tzu puppy," she said.

McKinsey said she called a woman, named "Kay," and set up a time to see the puppy that week.

She was even welcomed inside the seller's Dallas apartment that she shared with her wife. And when she finally met the puppy, she fell in love.

The puppy was only 4-weeks-old. McKinsey was told she could pick her up at eight weeks, but she had to sign a contract and pay $200 up front to reserve her.

McKinsey said she did so with no hesitation.

The next month, she said Kay told her to come by her apartment to pick up the puppy. But when McKinsey arrived, she said Kay and her wife weren’t there.

And while she was waiting at the complex for hours, a woman named Monica Miranda showed up. She was looking to pick up the same dog.

"This can't be happening. I felt like i was in a twilight zone," said McKinsey. 

Miranda paid the seller $240 to reserve her puppy, but when it was time to pick her up, she said she got no response. 

They learned they weren't the only ones vying for this dog. They said they’ve heard from five other consumers who were ripped off by the same seller.

We reached out to the apartment complex, but they wouldn't give us much information. So, a few days later, we called the complex developer.

He told us the couple was evicted for ripping people off on their property. The property manager said the name on the lease is Edmy Samuels and she's believed to be the partner of the woman going by "Kay."

The Dallas Police Department confirms that they are looking into Edmy Samuels and the consumers’ claims.

This brings McKinsey and some comfort, but she can’t help but think about those puppies.

"Because they could be in danger," said McKinsey. "Anyone that would do that, could do anything."

We tried calling the alleged puppy seller but we haven’t heard back.

The consumers have been in touch with police and we'll be sure to update you on this story as it develops.

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