Dallas Symphony Orchestra Hosts Concert Featuring The Music of Tchaikovsky X Drake

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The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has been vocal about their efforts to make the symphony a place for everyone. Steve Hackman, the creator of the program and conductor for the evening said this performance will be a great example of that as the combine the sounds of classical composer Tchaikovsky with the music of rapper Drake.

Steve Hackman, conductor and creator of the show, said The Music of Tchaikovsky X Drake is going to be an unforgettable show.

“These are both actually very romantic, very sentimental, very hard on the sleeve composers that are very forthright with those emotions,” Hackman said. “I thought it'd be interesting to kind of juxtapose them and explore that commonality.”

This is one of a few shows that audiences can see at the Meyerson Symphony Center like this, but it’s a process pairing composers with contemporary artists.

“In the case of Tchaikovsky and drake, you know, one might assume, you know, what does this music have to do with one another. It’s about pushing the envelope as far as what these fusions can be. These days, I say that anything's combinable. I've been doing this for a while and I developed a technique of how to put things together, it's really a question of do they belong together and should you combine them and is it a worthwhile task and you know, will it be fruitful and will it result in, you know, a new perspective on the music and some sort of new realizations about the music,” Hackman said.

His ideologies align perfectly with what the Dallas Symphony has been working on for years. Showing people from different walks of life that the symphony can be for them.

“I mean, there's most likely the majority of people that will have never heard the Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony and perhaps have never heard the Dallas Symphony Orchestra play. So that's an incredible opportunity, you know, to showcase, you know, that repertoire and what that orchestra can do and what classical music can do and how emotional and powerful it can be,” Hackman said.

This program, which is part of the symphony’s Young Professionals group, benefits the DSO’s education programs that provide free music and free instruments to children in elementary through high school. The DSO has long said music can changes lives, and here’s a great way to support that work while having an incredible evening.

The show is March 4 and limited tickets are still available.

NOTE: Drake will not be at this performance. This is a concert using Drake's music.

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