Dallas Sees Dollar $igns Over Giant Ads

City considers permitting more Texas-sized graphic ads

Facing a very bleak budget, Dallas may permit many more super graphic signs downtown and perhaps in other areas.

The over-sized signs cover the side of entire buildings.

Six of the signs have been permitted since 2001, but sign companies and building owners have been requesting more. City leaders said they see several advantages for the city in allowing the signs.
“Our downtown needs a stimulus and this is something that would add a little life,” said Councilman Dwaine Caraway.
Caraway said he believes the signs can be lucrative for the city. Existing signs are worth $40,000 a month to the owner, according to Caraway and he wants the city to cash in.

 “The city ought to have some very comfortable permit fee, permitting that type of economic development,” Caraway said.
We spoke with half a dozen people on the street and all of them thought the super graphic signs are just fine.
“If it's done in good taste, that’s ok,” said downtown worker Edward Villarreal. “But if they start doing stuff that’s tacky, no.”
Several people from Washington, D.C. temporarily assigned to jobs in downtown Dallas said they’ve seen the signs in several other cities and found them appealing.
“In LA and New York, and Times Square, places like that,” said Sharla Gray. “I think it appeals to a lot of the visitors that come into town just to visit. I think they look nice.”
Dallas City Council will hold a public hearing on the issue Wednesday. It is scheduled at 1 p.m. along with hearings on several other topics.

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