Dallas Police Officers Deliver Bike to 11-Year-Old Girl

The officer reminisced about his own bike when he was younger

DPD Gives Bike to Girl

Dallas police officers delivered a bike to an 11-year-old girl who had hers stolen from her home.

Sr. Cpl. Bernardo Bueno read chatter among neighbors in the Fireside community that Isabel Vargas' bicycle had been taken.

Bueno got together with the rest of the Neighborhood Police Officers in his unit and collected enough money to buy Isabel a new bike.

When the bicycle arrived, the entire Southeast NPO Unit helped with the delivery.

"As a unit, we wanted to do something nice for Isabel and our community. I had a bicycle as a kid and wouldn't have wanted someone to take mine. I felt we had to do something," Bueno expressed.

Marcos Vargas, Isabel's father, felt the bike represented something much more.

"When we realized it was taken, my daughter was very upset. We felt like our little piece of freedom had been taken," said Vargas. "Because of the pandemic, it's hard to go places, so riding bikes was our family's escape. We are happy and excited that we can go out riding bikes as a family again."

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