Dallas Police Officer Crystal Almeida Showing Signs of Improvement

Dallas Police Officer Crystal Almeida has surprised even the doctors at Texas Health Presbyterian.

The young woman in her 20s is still in critical condition after being shot at a Home Depot in Dallas.

However, she is now able to communicate through body movements, according to the Dallas Police Association.

The union says it shows how much of a fighter she really is.

She and fallen police officer Rogelio Santander graduated in the same police academy class and joined the Dallas Police Department three years ago.

A family member told NBC 5 via a Facebook message that they thank everyone for the prayers and the family hopes Almeida pulls through.

During Wednesday's Spanish-language mass at the cathedral in downtown Dallas nearly a half-dozen Dallas police officers offered up their own prayers.

Joel Arrona and his wife, a Dallas police officer, said the service brought them comfort in a difficult time.

"It is tough because with my wife when she goes to work I jut never know if she is going to make it back and I thank God nothing like this has happened to her," he said. "Support from fellow officers and the general public means a lot to her."

Officer Jaimie Castro of the DPA said he spent a lot time overnight with Almeida’s father who rushed to Dallas from El Paso.

“We have a special connection,” he said about Almeida. “She’s from my hometown, from El Paso and it hurts, it really hurts to see someone from your hometown go through this. It hurts to see her family by their side it’s just an overall heartbreaking scene.”

The police union told reporters that Almeida is still in critical condition but is showing improvements.

The Dallas Police Association tells NBC 5 donations made to the Assist the Officer Foundation will go to the two officers' families.

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