Dallas Police Department's Website Hacked

Website down after department discovers security breach

Hackers broke into the Dallas Police Department's website over the weekend and stole sensitive information -- including the usernames and passwords of some officers.

“It was a small number of employees and, at this point, there is no indication anybody saw the information,” Deputy Chief Randy Blankenbaker said.

He said the department's detectives discovered the security breach on Sunday.

“We have some folks that keep an eye on things that are open-sourced, like Facebook and Twitter, and do searches to see things being discussed about the Dallas Police Department," Blankenbaker said.

Last week, the hacker collective Anonymous took credit for breaking into the Texas Police Association's website and publishing the names and home addresses of 700 police officers across Texas.

Anonymous is a group of Internet enthusiasts, pranksters and activists whose targets have included financial institutions such as Visa, the Church of Scientology and law enforcement agencies.

“We don't know that there is a connection to that, but as we move forward, that is one area we will look at,” Blankenbaker said.

Blankenbaker said he only knows of about 10 officers whose usernames and passwords were published online.

The department said none of their cases were compromised in the breach.

The DPD website is undergoing a full diagnostic review and will remain offline until the department can be certain the site is secure.

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