Dallas Police Department continues outreach for mandatory reporting

Reporting system mandatory beginning July 3 for Dallas PD

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Dallas Police Department Substations will host informational meetings this week at 6 p.m.
-Tuesday: Central, Southeast, and Northeast
-Wednesday: Southwest and South Central
-Thursday: Northwest and North Central

The Dallas Police Department hosted a series of informational sessions for the Dallas Online Reporting Systems or DORS to neighborhood associations.

The meetings form part of the education and outreach efforts for the upcoming mandatory reporting.

According to DPD, DORS will improve the efficiency of officers and increase their availability for high-priority calls.

"We know firsthand in an emergency, every second counts," Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said. "We want our officers to be available to respond quickly and efficiently to any high priority call."

Online reports should be made when there isn't an active scene and if physical evidence or medical assistance is not required.

Users will be required to make a police report online on the Dallas Police Department website by first choosing the incident type. The system will guide users through a series of questions and based on answers, it will emit an alert if the user should instead call 911.

"Once that report is done, it would be no different than if an officer had taken it. And so, if there's follow up, the detective needs to do in talking to the victim that they will then they will do that," Garcia said.

In the past year, high-priority calls that require multiple officers have increased, leading to longer response times for other issues. The departments said the changes will allow everyday people to handle reports that don't require an officer.

The following categories must be submitted online:

  • Accident Reports: No injuries, insurance info exchanged, wrecker not needed, under $1,000 in damage, vehicles are drivable.
  • Credit/Debit Card Abuse: The use of a credit card or debit card without the owner's consent and occurs in the Dallas city limits.
  • Identify Thefts: Obtaining someone else's personal identifying information to obtain credit, goods, or services and occurred in the Dallas city limits.
  • Interference with Child Custody: Did not exchange children at court-ordered time. Must have a court order. The child cannot be in any danger and have occurred in Dallas.
  • Theft: Property stolen valued under $2,500. Not resulting from entry into a home or business.
  • Theft Shoplifting: This report is for businesses that have items stolen from their stores valued at under $2,500.

Some reports will require documents to be uploaded online.

"For example, on a child being dropped off late issue, you have to upload your divorce decree, so you'll have to utilize the online process to do that," Robert Uribe, 911 Administrator for DPD said.

Vehicle burglary, harassing phone calls, graffiti, and criminal mischief can be reported online and by phone.

The changes are estimated to free up 135,000 patrol hours every year, which according to DPD, would be equivalent to hiring 65 police officers or saving $8.7 million.

"Last year alone, calls reported to the online reporting system and phone reports led to an estimated savings that equals 51,000 patrol hours or the work of more than 24 officers," Garcia said.

DORS will become mandatory on July 3.

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