Dallas Plans to Add Bike Lanes to Accommodate Added Traffic

A new ride has arrived in Dallas.

JUMP, Uber's electric bicycles and scooters, are officially on the streets of Dallas.

Vinnie Campo, JUMP general manager, said the company plans to roll out 2,000 electric bikes and 2,000 electric scooters over the next couple months in the city.

He said each e-bike is pedal-assisted, and as soon as riders began to pedal, the motor kicks in, propelling the bike up to 20 mph.

Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston said some people already own electric bikes, and he hasn't heard of anyone getting injured on them.

On Tuesday, officials at JUMP handed out helmets to riders to free.

One rider that NBC 5 spoke with said she hoped there will be more safe places for people to ride the new e-bikes.

"We have a severe shortage of bike-friendly zones," Dallas resident Krista Delaharpe said.

Kingston said the city had a plan to fix the issue.

"We've doubled the budget for bike lanes in this last budget that we’re currently operating under, and the city manager is already committed to proposing doubling it at the end of October this year,” he said.

He said the next fiscal year budget, the council will have $2 million to spend on bike lanes for streets.

"The city desperately needs more bicycle facilities, bike lanes, and bike trails," Kingston said.

Riders should start to see new bike lanes in Dallas starting this year.

Some of the first places they will be added is in West Dallas and Oak Cliff.

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