‘Don't Give Up' Movement Reaches Dallas

Signs that encourage and motivate people to not give up is part of a national movement that has made its way to Dallas.

The organization Behind Every Door is one of several nonprofits across the country that has joined the "Don’t Give Up Movement." They have placed signs outside of the Rose Community Center in Old East Dallas with the mission to inspire and gently remind people to keep going, despite your struggles.

And the signs are simple, yet powerful reading: "Don’t Give Up," "You Are Worthy of Love," "Your Mistakes Don’t Define You," and "You Are Enough."

Darrion Lewis, Rose Community Center Director, says the motivational signs align perfectly with their mission.

"The communities we work in, they’re typically underserved, and we ultimately want to make an impact to inspire people to never give up, to also believe the best about their current situations and that it can always be better," Lewis said.

The movement was started in 2017 by Amy Wolff, a mom in Newberg, Oregon affected by suicide rates in her community. She now runs a nonprofit that sells the signs, wall decals, and wrist bands with the encouraging phrases. Nearly three years later, the message, and the mission has turned into a global movement.

Lewis says the signs are working because it’s a constant reminder. He’s seen kids come into their community center, and be reminded, to never give up.

Go here and you can join the movement too.

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