Dallas Neighborhood Prepares for Presidential Visit

Excitement about the presidential visit is growing in the North Dallas neighborhood where a private fundraiser will be held.

Neighbors told NBC 5 it's a minimum $10,000 donation to attend a private fundraiser dinner with President Barack Obama.

The president is attending the fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at the house of prominent Dallas attorney Marc Stanley.

Stanley serves as chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council and is a longtime Democratic fundraiser. President Obama appointed Stanley to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Council three years ago.

Neighbors were surprised Monday when Secret Service agents knocked on their door, telling them about the upcoming presidential visit and warning them about road closures in the neighborhood.

Still, they're definitely excited.

"It's not every day the president of the United States drives by your front door," pointed out Rebecca Wallace. "There've been other dignitaries here, but nothing this high profile."

Dallas fourth grader Josh Titens has a pretty cool story to tell his friends today.

"I just said, 'there's a celebrity coming. President Obama. Famous guy. You ever heard of him?'" Titens said with a wry smile.

"I know there will probably be multiple cars. But I can just wave at every car, and hope one of them has the president," Titens said who has a plan to tell his friends that he waved at the president. 

The Secret Service on Monday warned residents that street closures will begin at 2 p.m., and that they can expect the street to be full of black SUVs and Secret Service agents.

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