Dallas Music Memorabilia Shop Owner Hoping to Sell Collection for $2.5 Million

The store houses just a portion of the collection he's grown over the decades

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There's nothing like a move to make your pare-down belongings. That's the position Shake Rag Music Store owner John Gasperik is in, as he moved from a home he rented in East Dallas to a rented space in The Cedars.

"Ah, headache...nightmare," Gasperik sighed. "I kinda painted myself into a corner, you know? I've just got so much stuff now that, oh gosh."

That 'stuff' is quickly filling his new space as Gasperik moves everything. It's made him think.

"It's time to liquidate," Gasperik said. "$2.5 million. Come and haul it off, you know!"

That $2.5 million is just for the memorabilia that isn't in his Shake Rag Music Store on Live Oak in Dallas. The store is a claustrophobic time capsule of music memorabilia and more.

"I still got the store full of stuff, so it's just, I kinda went overboard with it," Gasperik said explaining why collected so many items. "It's the treasure hunt, you know?"

It started with the Beatles.

"This is part of my Beatle collection... that's exactly the kind of drum set that Ringo played," Gasperik said. "These boxes, these are full of Beatle collectibles, each one."

Over the years, Gasperik expanded his collections.

"I have upright basses, there's drums, there's saxophones, there's trombones. Got a harp up there," Gasperik said. There are also too many guitars to count. "How many stars in the universe? Who knows!"

Gasperik said what used to bring him joy now feels like a heavy weight. He's hoping to sell to someone who loves the 'hunt' as much as he did.

"That would be what I'd most like," Gasperik said.

His Shake Rag Music Store hasn't had regular hours since the pandemic, but Gasperik does open it by appointment.

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