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Mavs ‘Rebound' From Troubling Front Office Investigation

As the Dallas Mavericks organization tries to push past the front office scandal, CEO Cynt Marshall takes center stage in a new one-minute video message on the team’s website Wednesday morning.

It’s called Rebound, with the verb described as “a recovery of possession of a missed shot or recover in value, amount, time or strength after a previous decrease or decline.”

It opens with Marshall saying she’s been on the job for six months and she is “proud to be a Maverick.”

Her next statements hint at the hostile workplace of the past.

“It’s a new day here at the Mavs organization. And, we want you to know, we have rebounded from our past misses. We are now on a path to setting the standard for the NBA. In six months, we have created a culture of inclusion, diversity and professional development.”

Inclusion, diversity and professional development are pivotal elements in Marshall’s 100-day plan she launched in March. The website lays out the four priorities of her plan with checkmarks next to 17 completed tasks:

Model Zero Tolerance

- Investigate allegations of misconduct, analyze results, respond swiftly to findings, communicate consequences as appropriate

Mavs Women’s Playbook

- Executive commitment, educate and develop, empower and engage, employ long-term, encourage &mentor

Culture Transformation

- Values based employment, inclusion and diversity strategy development, mandatory training, employee engagement

Operational Effectiveness

- Doing business, compensation, staffing, talent management

Marshall talked about the changes she’s already made in an earlier interview with NBC5. The Mavs Women’s Playbook was a special focus.

Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall talks about BB725, her relationship with police officers and the controversy that came from trying to create unity.

“I’m excited about this,” she said. “We did not have a culture that was friendly to women. We had some people who knew how to work with women, but in terms of a culture, it wasn't friendly to women. So, one of the things we did immediately was address the leadership team.”

And that meant promoting and hiring women. “In order for our business to be successful, we need a diverse group of people around the table. So, now we have women and people of color around the table. Our leadership team right now is 44 percent women from zero,” she said.

Dallas Mavericks CEO completes 100-day plan to change workplace culture while awaiting final report of allegations of a sexual harassment scandal in the front office.

From her first day on the job, Marshall vision has been that “by 2019, the Dallas Mavericks organization, that’s all of us, is setting the NBA standard for inclusion and diversity.” That goal is reflected in the new vision unveiled today: As true Mavericks, we set the standard for ultimate fan experiences, unmatched emotional connections and extraordinary workplace culture.”

Marshall shared her vision in an exclusive interview with NBC 5 back in August. “So at some point, my vision is that we will be named on Fortune's Great Place to Work list. That's my vision,” she said. “.. that they will see us, an NBA team, as one of the best places to work. in the world. “

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