Dallas Man Takes 40-Pound Weight Loss to “Steve Harvey Show”

Talk show host promises couple honeymoon if husband reaches his goal

A Dallas man's weight-loss journey is taking him to the "Steve Harvey Show."

Everett Barree has lost 40 pounds so far. He and his wife will talk about his experience on the talk show, which airs on NBC 5.

Barree said he could not have lost the weight alone.

"Trying to work out by myself -- I would get real motivated and, once that two-week or three-week, that plateau kind of hit, I didn't have that person to push me," he said.

Enter his trainer, Michael Stout, the general manager of Down Size Fitness in Dallas. The hardest part is just making it to the gym, Stout said.

"If you set a specific time for yourself every single day or three times a week -- whatever it is, according to your schedule -- and you commit to coming to the gym, doing a specific exercise on those days, you're going to get the results, because you're committed," he said.

It wasn't an easy start.

"We were looking at some pictures earlier this year, and one of my daughters kind of was joking and saying something, and I was like, 'Wow," Barree said. "If she sees it, then I really need to do something about it."

And there's a special incentive for the Barrees if he keeps going. If he reaches his goal, Harvey will pay for an all-inclusive honeymoon -- something the couple didn't have when they were married.

"I just keep motivating him," Noami Barree said. "I want that honeymoon. When I think he may go in the fridge and get something he's not supposed to, I say, 'Do you want that honeymoon? Because I know I do.'"

"I feel like I did in high school," Everett Barree said. "You wake up and you're ready for the day. It's a journey. I'm not finished yet. I feel great right now, and I can't wait to how I'm going to feel 50 or 60 pounds from now."

Barree's episode of the "Steve Harvey Show" airs Friday at 2 p.m.

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