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Dallas Cowboys Fans at DFW Airport Given Blue Star Sendoff to L.A.

Dallas Cowboys fans who caught early flights to Los Angeles out of DFW Airport, got the blue star treatment Friday morning.

It's not every day you see hall-of-famer Charles Haley handing out towels to Dallas fans at the airport, or Rowdy the mascot working as a gate agent. But that’s the sendoff some Cowboys fans who were flying American got on their trip to L.A.

“We're gonna tear it up and walk into that stadium loud and proud,” said Blake Burrows, a fan.

NBC 5 Sports caught up with Dallas Cowboys fans who made the trip to Los Angeles to root for America’s Team as they take on the Rams on Saturday.

Burrows and his two friends are meeting three more buddies out west. It’s an adventure that almost didn't happen because one of them bought his wife tickets to see Kevin Hart on Saturday.

“I was like dude I can't even ask her, I bought these as a Christmas present,” said Drew Entler.

But Entler said he got lucky.

“So I get home and her and my sister-in-law were sitting on the couch watching the Bachelor, drinking a glass of wine and I thought oh this might be the right opportunity to throw it out there,” Entler said. “Her sister was like, ‘I'll go to Kevin Hart with you,’ she's like ‘oh that might be fun. Okay you can go’ so I ran off to the bathroom and texted Blake and told him book the tickets now dude!”

Cowboys Fans Given Blue Star Sendoff for Trip to LA

A few gates down, we found Adam Lowe in the security line, about 20 minutes before takeoff.

“There's no reason to fret because tomorrow I will be there. I don't care if I drive overnight. It's gonna be exciting,” he said.

Lowe was cutting it close, but he made it and texted us photos on board. The pictures show North Texans united by America's team, hoping to make their playoff dreams come true.

“There's all different types of people from all different places, all different heritages and when you're at the game, it doesn't matter,” Lowe said.

Celebrating the Silver and Blue 2018

Cowboys fans travel well and they're expected to show up big time for game two. According to Vivid Seats, they represent 31 percent of the tickets to the L.A. Coliseum.

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