Dallas County Schools Plans to Sue for Lost Tax Dollars

There’s a new plan to recover money for taxpayers in the wake of the scandal at Dallas County Schools.

NBC 5 Investigates has learned the state-appointed committee that’s shutting the agency down wants to sue people who may have profited from corruption at DCS.

Committee members have hired a Dallas law firm in their efforts to recoup the ill-gotten gains from those who benefited from the scandal.

DCS nearly went bankrupt after getting involved in a pricey school bus camera business venture that lost tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

One former DCS official has pleaded guilty to a federal charge, admitting he took millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks in exchange for the awarding of the bus camera contracts.

An FBI investigation into the agency’s financial troubles is still ongoing after voters late last year elected to close DCS down.

The committee overseeing the closure told NBC 5 Investigates it “has employed the law firm of Curtis and Castillo PC to pursue recovery of funds from any individuals or entities that improperly benefit ted from relations with DCS.

“Any funds recovered will be used to reduce DCS’ debt or provide area school districts assistance with transporting students,” the statement said.

On Friday, the DCS committee is expected in a Dallas court hearing to ask a judge to rule on a plan to pay off the agency’s remaining debts.

The committee plans to continue collecting property taxes for several years until all debts are paid.

Meanwhile, local school districts plan to begin busing students to school next year – once the main responsibility for DCS.

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