Dallas Councilman Challenges NRA to Talk About Gun Violence

NRA-TV Host responds to Caraway complaints

Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway renewed his push Monday for leaders of the National Rifle Association to discuss strategies to curb gun violence.

The push comes with President Donald Trump scheduled to speak at the NRA Annual Convention in Dallas this week. At the same time, Dallas Police are planning a funeral service set for a police officer fatally shot last week.

“Lets come to the table and talk about gun safety,” Caraway said. “If we as elected leaders do not do the right thing right now, in conjunction with the NRA and the top government that will be here in our city, then we’re saying, to hell with the citizens of America.”

Caraway said it is ironic that the Secret Service will forbid guns in the room where the President is speaking.

“I think it’s very hypocritical to put those standards to them and not have the same standards for America,” said Caraway.

The NRA has not responded since Friday to requests for comment on Caraway’s remarks. But NRA-TV host Grant Stinchfield said Monday the Secret Service policy is not ironic.

“The bottom line is, The Secret Service sets policy for what happens when The President speaks. These Dallas politicians that have a problem with the NRA know this. It’s concocted controversy,” Stinchfield said.

Stinchfield said there will be plenty of armed law enforcement officers present so the President’s appearance will not be gun free zone.

“We don’t like being disarmed in a gun free zone because law abiding citizens obey the law, criminals do not,” Stinchfield said.

The host of online NRA-TV said he could not speak for the NRA but invited Caraway to have a dialog as a guest on NRA-TV during the Dallas Convention.

“If Dwaine Caraway wants to have a conversation, come on my program right there on the floor of the convention and we can have a conversation,” Stinchfield said.

Caraway said he would accept the invitation and asked his staff to work on the details but the Councilman still wants to meet with the NRA leaders.

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