Dallas Church Heavily Damaged by Storms

A West Dallas church and several homes were damaged when storms blasted across North Texas on Thursday.

Members of New Beginnings Covenant Ministries found the front of the building collapsed from high winds this afternoon. 

Assistant Pastor Keyven Lewis was at home when his wife called and said the church, which is at Canada Drive and N. Westmoreland Road, had been hit.

“I was actually surprised at the amount of damage when I saw it," Lewis said. "People were telling me that it took out the front of the church, but I was shocked when I got here. It literally took out the front of the church."

The entire front exterior wall of the church collapsed, leaving brick piled up on the ground, wood splintered and windows blown out.

“It’s pretty significant from the inside and outside. It just looks like a mini earthquake just shook the foundation,” Lewis said. “A lot of stuff that was on the walls, speakers and so forth, heavy equipment was thrown about.”

A clear path of destruction from the storm’s powerful winds circle around the church. A shed was dismantled, and the metal now wrapped around a pole half a block away.

Lewis said he’s just grateful no one was injured during the storm.

“I’m just glad no one was here. Typically someone is always here at the church, so that was a blessing that no one was here. We have a lot of faith and we know God will take care of us and we’ll get it fixed,” Lewis said.

Church members said they’re determined to hold services somehow this upcoming Sunday. 

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