Dallas Bishop Responds to Police Raid on Diocese of Dallas

Bishop Edward J. Burns of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas released statement on Friday, two days after the Dallas Police Department raided the Diocese of Dallas.

The Bishop stated that he believes there's a lot that Dallas Police got wrong in the search warrant affidavit.

The search warrant made serious allegations against former employees of the Diocese. It implies that they were trying to stonewall police during their investigation and did not report all allegations of abuse to authorities or CPS when they were discovered.

Burns denies that and says he has issues with what he calls factual errors in the search warrant.

Burns also disputes how the search warrant characterized the church's review board, which was investigating allegations of sex abuse.

The search warrant claimed the board would decide whether or not to elevate allegations to the Bishop, who would then report it to police.

Burns says all allegations were reported to authorities first and the review board was simply an internal process for deciding if a priest was fit for service.

NBC 5 did reach out to Dallas Police for comment. They tell us they stand by the warrant and has nothing more to add.

DV.load("https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6015434-Affidavit-Response-From-Bishop-Burns.js", { responsive: true, container: "#DV-viewer-6015434-Affidavit-Response-From-Bishop-Burns" }); Affidavit Response From Bishop Burns (PDF)
Affidavit Response From Bishop Burns (Text)
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